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MOCK DRIVING TESTServing Galway city Westside / Flannery’s Hotel, Loughrea, and Tuam test centres, COMFORT Driving School offers pre-test assessment as part of your driver/rider training which gives you a clear idea of your own driving ability.

This assessment is in the form of a mock test, which uses the same format as the actual test. As this is graded using the exact marking scheme as the actual test, it is useful in providing an accurate evaluation of your driving ability. It also further prepares you for taking your test by placing you in a test scenario, which can help to reduce the daunting factor of the actual test.


Allow plenty of time to take good instruction well before the test.  Take constructive criticism as a positive step. You may have driven a lot of miles but you may not meet the technicalities of the testing standards.  You may have picked up bad habits and developed your own style of driving.

Your examiner is looking at your MSPSL (mirrors, signal, position, speed, look) or IPSGA (information, position, speed, gear, acceleration from ROADCRAFT Police drivers/riders handbook). You can follow either of the two systems of driving or riding but you must be within the system to convince the examiner that you have taken good training, delivering consistency in your driving.

Sequential gear change ( going down one gear at a time) is not the only accepted method by RSA Ireland, block change (skipping the intermediate) is also acceptable. If you are comfortable matching the engine speed and the road speed, you can change down from 4th to 2nd, 3rd to 1st, and yes it is good for the gearbox. It may vary in icy conditions  – brakes to slow gears to go!! Avoid unjustified coasting of clutch or in neutral.

Every single person who has completed our beginners’ course has passed the driving test the first time.

Many intelligent people who are driving for many years have failed their driving test many times. It’s all about your attitude. You may be an expert in your own chosen field but your instructor knows your weak points within 5-10 minutes. If you are not willing to listen, your money is wasted.

Being an instructor, examiner, and assessor, I have never stopped learning. I learn something new every day and this encourages me to upgrade my qualifications all the time.

SCHOOL CARS-Petrol or Diesel,  BIG or SMALL, Skoda Octavia 1.9Tdi, Hyundai Accent 1.3 Automatic or 2007 Nissan Micra 1.2 manual

SCHOOL BIKES- Honda or Suzuki 49cc, 125cc, 250cc, 400cc, 600cc TO 1100cc BIKES AVAILABLE FOR TRAINING AND TESTS.

Advanced Training

Advanced Driver Trainingadvanced driver training

ComfortDriving365 offers 3 types of advanced training – Occupational, Defensive, and Advanced.  Comfort 365 also offers online safety tips and the latest advice on Road Safety.

Whether you are a professional driver or simply a motorist wishing to train to advanced driver standards, contact us today to find out how Comfort Advanced training can help you.

Some Benefits of Advanced Training

  • Safer driver for life (Safe and fuel economy driving SAFED)
  • Advanced drivers are statistically less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than other drivers
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • By planning your approach to hazards, you will drive more smoothly, providing your passengers with a more comfortable and relaxed drive.
  • Through smoother driving, you are likely to improve your fuel economy – again financial savings.
  • Reduced strain on your vehicle, resulting in lower operating expenses.

Advance / Defensive Driving & Riding Syllabus

  • Pre-Driving check both inside and outside of the vehicle.
  • Moving off and stopping the vehicle smoothly.
  • Using proper observation skills including mirrors and hazards perception according to IPSGA system
  • Proper Judgement of speed and distance.
  • Limit point – accurate bend assessment in conjunction with Acceleration sense.
  • Cornering techniques with proper gear changing according to police drivers roadcraft book so that all movements are carried out smoothly and effectively including being able to steer the vehicle safely and effectively and stopping within the distance you can see to be clear on your own side of the road.
  • Ensuring that you are always in the proper place on the road and travelling at the right speed, with the correct gear engaged.
  • The importance of showing courtesy for other road users including pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Exercising proper restraint in adverse road and weather conditions or reduced visibility.
  • Vehicle sympathy, conflict prevention, safe progress, and passenger comfort.

Motorcycles and Motorbikes

Irish Motorcycle Rider Training Course, Galway, Ireland – Motorcycles / Motorbikes, Mopeds, and Scooters

COMFORT Driving 365 offers all levels of easy motorcycle/motorbike rider training from beginners to advanced level in both Galway City and County, and all of the Connaught and Midwest area.

Motorcycle Safety is our number one priority similar to RoSPA association’s aim!

Comfort 365 Motorcycle School offers training to suit every rider and we supply the motorbikes and insurance so you don’t need to own a motorcycle or pay insurance to be trained or tested.

PLEASE VISIT for detailed information about all your motorcycle training, faq, course details, etc.

Trucks and Towing

Trailer Training Galway EB Licence at an affordable price by Comfort Driving School Galway

Did you know that drivers who passed an ordinary car test need to do an additional driving test in order to tow large trailers and gain entitlement to category B+E and all larger vehicles?

Category B Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes MAM and with up to 8 passenger seats may be coupled with a trailer up to 750kgs MAM (allowing a combined weight up to 4.25 tonnes MAM) OR a trailer over 750kgs MAM provided the MAM of the trailer does not exceed the unladen weight of the towing vehicle, and the combination does not exceed 3.5 tonnes MAM.

Do I Need a BE Licence?
Please read “What can my vehicle tow?” on the Road Safety Authority Website for further information.

Comfort Driving School Galway provides tuition for towing a trailer. This training entitles you to obtain your full  EB license in Galway with the very basic trailer and car at a very affordable price. Once you passed your full EB license, you can legally tow a caravan, horsebox, and trailers above 750Kg.

Advise and Checks, Technical & Legal requirements For Trailers


Whether you are new to caravanning or have just moved to a larger caravan or maybe you are unsure if you can tow a caravan or you just need to get to grips with reversing, our team is ready to help you. We will offer training from on-road towing lessons to reversing.

Caravan towing lessons are structured to your individual requirements and our one-day course covers the following:

  • Safe loading of a caravan

    towing a trailer

  • Result of overloading
  • Safe Hitching and un-hitching
  • Towing and the law Stabilisers
  • Stability
  • Snaking Weights and Space Management
  • Matching
  • Nose weights Weather and road conditions
  • Reversing on the road
  • Driving procedures etc.
  • Caravan Towing courses are available at Comfort Driving School.

Caravan Towing Course options

  • 1 Day caravan course (6 hours)
  • Caravan reversing course (2 or 3 hours)
  • Group training
  • Family Deal, 2 family members for the price of 1 on our day courses.

    Training is with your own vehicle & caravan. A box trailer can be supplied if required. Please read the Road Safety Authority Website for further information.

EDT driving lessons

Category B Licence

girl passed her driving testCOMFORT Driving School-bringing innovation to driver training in Galway and to Irish motoring.

COMFORT Driving / Motorcycle School Galway offers training in both manual and automatic cars for Category B tests. Through the use of in-car multi-media tools, COMFORT 365 Driving School offers an innovative approach to driver training.  Comfort Galway School of Motoring is one of the most successful with the highest  Irish Driving Test pass rate second to none in Galway city and County.

COMFORT Driving School Galway offers training to all levels of drivers,  from a very easy step-by-step syllabus for beginners through to improvers and up to advance driving because at  COMFORT Driving 365 we realise the importance of meeting you at your level of experience.

We welcome all L drivers from nervous to confident. Whether it’s your first time to sit the test or you’re a regular at the test centre, we are committed to helping you realise your full driving ability.

Comfort365 Galway Driver-Training School covers test routes and includes a pre-test assessment.


NOTE: If you complete Comfort Driving Centre’s 10-hour Beginners Course, you will be eligible for a one-year no claims discount from many insurance companies in Ireland which is a great saving for beginners.

Eligibility Requirements

  • At least 16 years old
  • Has had the permit at least 9 months
  • Has completed Driver’s ED Course
  • Has accumulated 50 hours of behind-the-wheel extra practice